Diálogos de viejos y nuevos sones


Diálogos de viejos y nuevo sones

Deeply rooted styles of music, such as flamenco, continually grow new branches from the trunk of its traditions; a constant interaction between the new and the old.

Fahmi Alqhai and Rocío Márquez, each from their own angle of this eternal trunk, interweave their musical sheets, searching for the intersection between the cantes (songs) alive today and their origins, some of which reached us through oral tradition and others that have been written in ancestral manuscripts: cantes flamencos that went from Andalusia to American folklore travelling back again Andalusia, but also the chaconne and canarios that crossed the Atlantic to become part of the first Spanish guitar books of the 17th century; songs in ostinato songs of the great Monteverdi with ancestral siguiriyas, sharing their old chord progression always identical to itself—coming from that same Italy of the Seicento; cantes de Alosno with cants del ocells…

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