La Lacrime di Eros

Release Date: 28 September, 2023
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A musician cannot move others unless he is moved himself. He must necessarily feel all of the affects that he wishes to evoke in his audience, for the revealing of his own humour will stimulate a like humour in the listener. In languishing, sad passages, the performer must languish and grow sad. One sees and hears it at him.
— Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach

(…) It is not surprising that this mixture of pain and pleasure became so highly appreciated by mid 17th century Italy, at the same time exultant and prudish, outshining though fading away. According to the Catholic Counter-Reformation ideas, there was no pleasure without guilt, nor delight without punishment. True Love can only be but the reward to soul torturing. Its sweetness increases with the bitterness of previous suffering. Carnal Love is the forbidden drug, hence mysterious and irresistible, ever-lastingly desirable. We will see it served in all possible tastes: delightful in Landi; woeful in Bovicelli; joyful in Frescobaldi; hopeful beyond hope in Monteverdi; piquantly erotic in the image of Mary Magdalene standing by the Cross. (…)
Juan Ramón Lara

Fahmi Alqhai, dirección/musical direction

Mariví Blasco, soprano
Juan Sancho, tenor

Fahmi Alqhai, violino da gamba & basso di viola da gamba
Rami Alqhai, violino da gamba & basso di viola da gamba
Vicente Parrilla, flauta de pico/recorder
Ramsés Puente, violino
Irene Gómez, basso di viola da gamba
Juan Ramón Lara, violone
Bárbara Sela, bajón/dulcian
Miguel Rincón, tiorba y guitarra barroca/theorbo & Baroque guitar
Enrique Solinís, archilaúd y guitarra barroca/archlute & Baroque guitar
Alberto Martínez Molina, clave/harpsichord
Álvaro Garrido, percusión/percussion

Cuadernillo de 24 páginas con textos completos en italiano, inglés y español. Versiones poéticas en español de Manuel García, y ensayo introductorio de Juan Ramón Lara . /Booklet (24 pages) including full lyrics in English, Italian and Spanish.

Track List

1. B. Ferrari: Amanti, io vi so dire
2. S. Rossi: Sonata sopra l’aria di Tordiglione
3. G. Frescobaldi: Gioite, o selve, o venti
4. S. Landi: Damigella tutta bella
5. L. Marenzio: Liquide perle Amor
6. V. Parrilla / L. Marenzio: Liquide perle Amor
7. F. M. Bassani: Tocata per B quadro
8. R. Rogniono / C. de Rore: Ancor che co’l partire
9. G. B. Bovicelli: Io son ferito ahi lasso
10. S. Rossi: Sinfonia Grave
11. G. Frescobaldi: A pie della gran Croce
12. S. Rossi: Sonata V
13. B. Marini: Novello Cupido
14. Improvisación sobre la Ciaccona