Les Violes du Ciel et de l’Enfer

Release Date: 28 September, 2023
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Not many geniuses have been seen since those beautiful days, as if Nature had decided to take a rest after that.
Voltaire, The Century of Louis XIV

“Angels are many-sided and equivocal.” Thus wrote the poet Rafael Pérez Estrada and I ponder on that ambiguity of the archangel, halfway between heavenly and evil, as I am shaken by the alternation and the successive waves of this album, half godlike half barbarian, alternatively “fanciful and lunatic”, as Hubert Le Blanc described the wild evil temper of Antoine Forqueray, changing immediately into the exaggerated, troubled sensitiveness of the most intimate and poetical Marin Marais. It is funny: you listen to it forwards and backwards and both performances always fit symmetrically, as if they were exactly-cut reverses. The answer is given, once again, by Pérez Estrada, who points out: “exact lovers cast only one shadow.” The juxtaposition of the opposite Forqueray and Marais cast, therefore, one single global shadow.

Juan María Rodríguez

viola da gamba: Fahmi Alqhai
viola da gamba: Rami Alqhai
tiorba y guitarra barroca/Theorbo and Baroque guitar/théorbe et guitarre baroque: Miguel Rincón
clave/harpsichord/clavecin: Alberto Martínez Molina
notas al programa de/texts of/textes par: Juan María Rodríguez, Pablo J. Vayón
cuadernillo en español/booklet in English/pages d’information en français

Track List

1. Marin Marais: Marche Tartare
2. Marin Marais: Allemande La Superbe
3. Marin Marais: L’Arabesque
4. Marin Marais: La Reveuse
5. Marin Marais: Le Tourbillon
6. Marin Marais: Sarabande Grave (IIIème Livre)
7. Marin Marais: Marche Persane dite La Savigny
8. Antoine Forqueray: La Rameau
9. Antoine Forqueray: La Guignon
10. Antoine Forqueray: La Léon, Sarabande
11. Antoine Forqueray: La Montigni
13. Marin Marais: Chaconne (à deux violes; Premier Livre)
12. Antoine Forqueray: Jupiter